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GirlDreamer Merch



What’s a dream without a vision board? We’ve always found that visually seeing something that sparks our imagination, hopes and desires leaves us feeling inspired and motivated to pursue the path of our dreams. This collage kit is a collection of 50 high quality images and illustrations that reflect the dreamer in you and can be stuck on a wall to create an artistic feature to any room or can be used for scrapbooking, journaling or even to gift to a friend. This kit is perfect for the one who likes to imagine possibilities and is excited by their path unfolding. It keeps us energised and hopeful of our dreams and we hope it does the same for you too. 


The collage kit is available in two sizes – A4 and A6 and consists of 50 high quality prints on premium, thick 260-300gsm matte paper. All prints are portrait orientation.

These prints can easily be attached to your wall with tape, blu-tac, pins, removable adhesives or anything else that suits your space.

The A4 collage kit measures 84 inches (213cm) x 59 inches (150cm) in 5 rows of 10 images.

The A6 collage kit measures 41 inches (104cm) x 30 inches (76cm) in 5 rows of 10 images.

Please note the collage kit and packaging is recyclable.

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GirlDreamer Merch is our new way to do three simple things:


Create things we love and want to share with the world 


Keep the work we do free and accessible for our community


Invest in other women of colour-led social orgs and missions




We truly believe in keeping our work, programmes, resources and our platform completely free for our community. We know first hand how cost can create barriers, especially for more marginalised groups in society, such as women of colour. That’s why 100% of merch profits will be reinvested into our work to ensure we are as accessible as can be.


We wholeheartedly feel that if more young women of colour were in positions of leadership, the world would be a better place. Yep, we said it and that’s why part of the reinvested profits will be invested into micro start-up grants for women of colour-led organisations/community groups or movements that are advancing, championing and/or supporting the lives of people and the betterment of society. 


To keep responding to our communities needs and to create the change we want in the world, we need to be sustainable enough to keep existing and delivering. Our merch allows our creativity and passion to meet our running costs and ensure we are here to stick around and continue doing what we love, are good at and want to do more of.


Sharing is a big deal to us, that’s why we’ll be using part of the reinvested funds from our merch to create micro grants for women of colour-led organisations & community groups or movements that are advancing, championing and/or supporting communities and tackling social inequality.


Throughout the year we will make this funding available via our website for orgs/groups to apply for. 


When we started GirlDreamer, we were two jobless best friends with a
dream and just went for it. . . and that’s the short version! We used some of our personal money to kick us off by running community events and hang-out evenings for women in the city & even cooked the food for it. Soon after, we started offering more tailored workshops such as self-defence and ‘how-to’ workshops and that came about because we started to learn about and connect with our community and understand what the needs and desires were. 


We made that money stretch and grow to be who, what and where we are today and used every penny we had to make the next step in our journey possible. It was extremely messy and definitely chaotic! Looking back, we would have loved some resources and guidance when we first started, but we didn’t know where or how to access this.


This is why we want to share the position we are now in to support other young women of colour who we know have all the talent, vision and drive to make it happen, but could do with a little resource, support and the opportunity to kickstart and boost their social change journeys. So with some micro-grants and start-up support, we’re going to do what we can to ensure more women of colour are at the forefront of leadership and their dreams of social change can too, be a reality. 

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